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Jennifer Reck-min


Living in London was one the best experience of my life! Work in England changes my life. At first, I had doubts, but thanks to The London Dream, I took a great decision: I am very happy that I did it !

Jennifer Rick – French




Rocio I had intensive English Courses for 14 weeks, to get the First (B2 Cambridge). The London Dream organised everything for me. The accommodation with an English family, the college, and when I had questions, they were always there for me. The School had a pretty good method, it was vey interactive. We had 4 hours of classes and in those 4 hours, ¡there was a whole hour a day for speaking! Of course, I received the title from the college and returned to Spain. But the most curious thing is that, when it was time to find a job, they took me in not for my Cambridge title but for my London Academy title that I had prepared for the exams. Apparently, there are a lot of people in Spain with the Cambridge title, but not everyone lived and took English courses in London.

Rocio Sanchez – Spanish




When I started to work in England, I didn’t know a word of English, but The London Dream Team helped me with interviews and prepared me well. Really good choice.

Natali Leven – French






I worked in London for the 5 last months. At first, I was struggling with the language, but since I started to work quickly, I am pretty good now.

Alex Piard – French




LeaI wanted to work in London in Summer. And I was looking for forums and more information. I asked for details at The London Dream, my curiosity and the agents of The London Dream encouraged me to go to work in England in Summer. At first, I was a bit scared to go alone into another country, thinking if there would be work in London if you can’t speak English, with everything you can read about agencies… But I trusted them, because they were very clear since the beginning. And it was true, my Summer in London was the best summer of my life. I met a lot of wonderful people, I made friends from all over the world at work. I learned a lot of things about cocktails, spirits… In one word “INCREDIBLE”!! To all the people that want it, I recommend it, it is something that you must have done at least once in your life, don’t be scared and let the professionals like The London Dream handle everything for you.

Léa Buclear – Belgian


JaimeWorking in England has always been my dream, and one day the moment came. I asked for details to work in London at the London Dream and finally took the Senior Pack. When I arrived, there was a taxi waiting for me at the airport that took me to the agency. Once I had arrived, they explained everything and I started to have interviews. The first days, I wasn’t feeling good, I was nervous. But the week after, I found my place, it wasn’t a big restaurant, it was in the center of the city and the work atmosphere was pretty familiar, my manager was really patient with me and helped me a lot to improve my English.

Jaime Morin – Spanish





The agency to work in London, The London Dream, gave me a good service, I started to work in London the week of my arrival. Thanks for everything team!

David Robold – Swiss




RodriI often thought about living in London, because I always wanted to speak good english. I asked for information to a few agencies to work in London, but I chose The London Dream, because they were they only ones that weren’t seeing the life through pink-coloured glasses. They told me that it wouldn’t be simple at first until my ear get used to the language, that the first weeks would be tiring (I know now that it is entirely true) to think about the translation of the words,… And what they told me that I liked the most was “It is fundamental, if you are motivated and you really want to work, if everything is clear to you, everything will be fine.”

Rodri Tapin – Spanish



May clientLiving in England and working in London is easier than you think with the agency to work in London, The London Dream, treated me well and arranged everything before my arrival. I had ready an apartment in London before my arrival, I got a job in the Center of London (City of London) and worked from Monday to Friday. Oh my God ! It’s amazing!! Couldn´t imagine it better.

May Mahon – French



AdriI contacted The London Dream, they have a lot of job offers in London and I decided to try the experience. The follow-up was amazing and they did everything they told me. I had the opportunity to work in London for almost a year. When I came back to Belgium, my work in London had helped me to improve my English and I could find a good job thanks to my English. I would have never thought that I could have a salary like my current one. I can say that working in London changed my life.

Adrien Sot – Belgian



RafiIt is true that you can come to work in London by yourself. But if you have to pay the hostel for the first days, pay a charge to visit rooms, organise the documents without really knowing where to go and when you have all that, a month later, you can finally work in London… It is way more expensive than coming with an agency that organises everything.

So, when you arrive, you can focus directly on working and as the salary is usually paid weekly here, you can save a lot of money very quickly. It is not the first time that I live in London, a few years ago, I came only to work in London and it wasn´t a good experience.  So this time, it was very clear, I wanted to go with an agency to work in London and The London Dream organised everything from the beginning. Yes, you have to choose the good agency and not be scared to ask them about anything you don’t understand. My experience with The London Dream was really good, the team is really friendly and if you need help, you can always count on them. Thanks for everything!

Rafi Pacard – French





Hey ! I came to study English courses in London and of course, The London Dream team helped me with everything. I had a wonderful time!

Sophie Lenge – Belgian





clientIf you’re thinking about coming to live in London, I would recommend The London Dream. They will guide you through a major change in your life and will help you to start your new life in an easier way. At first, it is a shock, because it is another culture, another lifestyle and another language , so it is always more interesting to have people helping you. Thanks guys.

Carlota Faori – French



Thanks for trust in Us! – The London Dream Team

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