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Hi everyone!

Long time no see, how are you doing? Enjoying the city?

I must say I have spent a lot of time wandering in the streets of London, and there is something amazing at every corner! Today I want to talk to you about a place in Central London I came across completely unexpectedly, and was so glad I did!

Have you heard of Carnaby Street? Let me tell you its story. At first it was just another shopping street of Soho, a stone throw away from Oxford Circus tube station, full of restaurants and clothes shops.
Then the sixties came along, and this particular street and few others in the neighbourhood became home to many independent fashion boutiques! And bands such as The Who or The Rolling Stones were spotted shopping and working the area, so it became a central place in the 1960s’ Swinging London.


It was pedestrianised in 1973, and it’s still a very popular street to go shopping! And it even has a few hidden gems… J


I would advise you to take a turn to Ganton Street, especially if you’re there at night. Just lift up your head… and enjoy! You can see the night sky illuminated by suspended light bulbs, and since you can’t see the stars in London… This is just as pretty! It’s also nice to have a beer in one of the pubs of the street, to make the most of these pretty lights 😉


When you’re walking in Carnaby Street, you are going to see a blue arch where it’s written KINGLY COURT… Step in there, and you won’t regret it!


It will actually lead you to a hidden patio, where you have tables and chairs to get some rest and have drink, while enjoying the view! Kingly Court is three floors of restaurants and bars, from a fancy kebab place to a Greek deli, without forgetting the best pizza place ever!


In winter, the open air patio is covered by tension fabric and the guardrails sparkle with light garlands, making it one of the most romantic destinations for a cosy and original date 😉


And in summer, you can enjoy the sun with your friends and a cocktail, and the air fills with the smell of grilled chicken and pizza… It truly is heaven! Kingly Court also have free wifi, which is always a good thing!

Now that you have enjoyed a good meal in one of the 22 restaurants of Kingly Court, you can head to a place full of history and charm… Cahoots!
This 1940s themed bar opened in 2015, and it’s really one of kind; the venue used to be an air raid shelter during the Blitz in World War II London, so the owners decided to pay an homage to this era. Located underground, the bar is set up like an old Underground carriage from the forties, with booths and luggage racks and all kinds of Tube related items!


They serve several cocktails which you can find on a newspaper shaped menu, and the waiters and waitresses, dressed just like in the 1940s, will bring your beverages in an actual cup of tea! The place is really great, but also very small so you might want to book a table in advance to avoid queuing like during peak-time in the tube!


So what do you think, fancy a time-travelling trip back to the sixties and the forties? ;p

See you soon for other adventures guys!




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