“An underground mystery about to be revealed”

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Locking door or unlocking it?


Hello everyone! 😉

How is it going? Today let’s forget about the weather quite shy these days and let’s go underground in the area of Crystal Palace.

Indeed, the old vaulted Crystal Palace tube station is about to be re-opened to the public thanks to a £50 000 fundraising in which you can participate!

This mysterious place had been officially opened in 1865 for first class passengers, before being destroyed by a fire incident. It was then used for various things: a bomb shelter during World War II, as well as an unofficial children’s playground. It has even been used by the Chemical Brothers to shoot the music video of their first number one single “Setting Sun”. Unfortunately, the tube was closed 20 years ago due to safety concerns, and has only been opened for special visits.

Imagen Secret Station

Thank you FoCPS! That’s right, we can thank the Friends of Crystal Palace Subway, a committee that began coordinating a community-led initiative in autumn 2010, to make the incredible old Victorian style station safe again, and to reopen it to the public. This is also a huge pride for the locals who know of its existence!So if you want to be part of this process and learn more about this beautiful white and orange bricks construction.

I hope to see you around the A212 at Crystal Palace Parade soon, where the mystery is still hiding. 🙂

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